There is a similar question on this. It is a commonly known fact that Muhammad SAWS and many caliphs punished apostasy with death.

However, my question is whether it is commanded to punish someone with death for leaving Islam.

There are many Sunnahs which are not necessarily followed, like having a beard, or cleaning teeth with siwak. The Quran has direct commandments on how to punish some crimes, like theft and adultery. But is the death penalty for apostasy merely 'good practice' or is it a commandment?

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[Indonesian - Google translate] The scholars ('ulama) of the four madzhabs of thought agree that apostates who were under the rule of Islam and did not have the strength given a grace period for penance. If in a given period of time he still did not accept Islam, then punished kill.

However, the scholars ('ulama) differ about the time frame given.

Imam Ar Rafi'I and An Nawawi said, "apostasy is the most vile form of paganism and the harshest punishment." (In al-'Aziz Al Majmu XI/97 and' XX/369)

source : here

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Allah has not put any compulsion in adopting one religion or another (http://quran.com/2/256). He has made this world as a test (http://quran.com/67/2) and the next for its compensation. It is against His Will to kill a person, based on his religion. I believe it is against Islam to kill based on apostasy.


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