I have those questions because I have this hardcore belief that there is no way Hadiths can be considered as History, but only as a version that may take real historians to some directions..

Well let me put my concerns

There is people we take Hadiths from, those are the 'Trusted' ( ثقات ), and those trusted people are considered as 'just' and also listen carefully and transfer message accuratly.. Other than that they're considered as people with Flows..

People with Flows includes Liars, People with Heresies ( مبتدع ), Infidel, Unknown.. etc

Well why would you not take Hisotry form an Infidel ? Sunni argument says it's because of the bias, but does this really matter ? the bias ? If someone is Biased this does not mean he saw something and gave a story that isn't accurate... I mean those people who are excluded may have some other stories that are maybe new but muslims reject or some that are 100% contradictory to what some Sahih Says..

Also, how about the 'Trusted People' ? what does this term "Liar mean" anyways....

There is a Hadith of Jaber Ibn Abdellah that says he took his father from Grave after months, and then found that his father body is exactly the same as the day they buried him...

Isn't this a big fat lie ? Isn't this againt all laws of logic and physics and chemistry and Biology..

That's clearly a lie, so why would a rational person ( assuming the Muslim scholars are also ratioanl ) take history from this person.. ?

Also there is an example of the first verse the Prophet receives ! is it 'اقرا' or 'يا ايها المدثر'

Scollars differ in this, most think it's 'اقرا' but what do you mean by 'Most' ???

If I'm a muslims I'm going to base my whole belief on what Most think ? or I need the whole truth that there is no doubts about it..

Because almost in every verse of the Quran you will see that 'Schollars differ', ...

At least Historians when they say 'it's most likely that this happen.. or this happen' they keep their calm and never claim the 'Whole truth', while the Sunni schollars ( even Shiiist ) claim that 'ISLAM IS 100% true'... You can't tell if something is 100% if there is difference in many Stories of Aaqidah ( عقيدة )

Right ?


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