Salam I know we have Kitab al-Masahif of Ibn Abi Dawood relating some variant of the mushaf of ibn mas'ud. I also heared that we have some variant in tafsir

Can we make the whole mushaf of ibn mas'ud today or they is some missing parts and that s why everyone said it s lost . or maybe we have conflicting hadeeth about the same verse.

I dont understand .

Thanks you

  • These are already three questions, you should edit your post and ask each of them separately (see in our meta). Secondly Ibn abi Dawood is not a good source if only because of his father's statements about his abilities of transmission(he regarded him not trustworthy and a fabricator). Thirdly what is your concept of "The qur'an of ibn Mas'ud" elaborate!
    – Medi1Saif
    Sep 5 at 12:58
  • Sorry I edited my question to one and unique question , why do we say that the MUSHAF of ibn mas'ud is lost while he have some part in different text Sep 6 at 23:16


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