I have a little confusion regarding several Islamic statements (confusion mean I'm ignorant about those matters) , the following are the statements, as I'm a laymen, don’t know where these statements have been said, they could be from both Quran and hadith:

1. The person will lead a very miserable life who neglects the remembrance of Allah.

2. This world is a prison for the believers.

3. This world is an amusement for the disbelievers. [seems contradictory with no.1]

4. Jannah is surrounded by things that aren’t desirable.

5. Jahannam is surrounded by things that are desirable and attractive acts/things (women, money, drugs and so on) that are generally the deeds of the disbelievers.

6. Those who abide by the wills of Allah, surely Allah will give them a descent life in this world. [seems contradictory/opposite to no.2]

And so many other statements, I knew but can't recall them now, that are similar to those that have been mentioned above.

Question: How can it be possible that a disbeliever can have no. 1, 3 and 5 at the same time in this life? Isn’t it contradictory or somewhat confusing that a believer will have to strive or live like a life as if they are in prison (i.e., no. 2) whilst Allah promised to give them a decent life in this world? The disbeliever will have a miserable life but at the same time another quote says, as they are gonna be in Hell in the hereafter (as an self-driving individual who is wrongdoer) they live their worldly life having sin and desirable forbidden things meaning enjoying life the most!? I want a simple knowledge based explanation for these statements cause the more I think about them the more I got confusion and at the same time I fear that Saytan will start whispering into my mind and try to deviate me! So please anyone could help me out.


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