Are Muslim men allowed to take "sex slaves?"

As stated in the above answer there are only two ways a free person can be enslaved.

It's if they become prisoners of war or if they are born to slave parents.


And from the above link what appears to be the case is that Ottoman Empire had this system of enslaving free dhimmis which as far as I know is not allowed in Islam.And many western writers did say it was not allowed but I wanted an scholarly view on this matter from an Islamic scholar.

Was this matter allowed in Islam or was it prohibited but Ottomans did it anyway?

  • Ottoman royals were Muslims only on paper. Each time a prince ascended to the throne he ordered his brothers to be killed disregarding their ages in order to prevent a future rebellion by them. So I wouldn't be surprised if Devshirme system was also haram Oct 25, 2023 at 2:14


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