In our mosque, Imam had been ill for a few days in Ramadan. Then the mosque committee selected me as Imam for only the Taraweeh prayer. No contract were dealt there about money. I just agreed to be a Taraweeh Imam in that mosque. After 27th Taraweeh, afer finishing Quran in Taraweeh prayer, the mosque committee wanted to give me Hadiya. Now Is taking this hadiya like taking money by reciting Quran in Taraweeh prayer(so it is Haram to take) or this can be treated as general/common/usual hadiya(so it is Halal to take and use)?

  • I suppose you can estimate it better than anybody. I don't know how anyone else than you can qualify the Hadiya ... I mean whether it was such or a payment.
    – Medi1Saif
    Commented Apr 19, 2023 at 22:14

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Since it was the Sunnah of the prophet () to accept gifts and refuse sadaqh, there's no harm in accepting a gift from anybody.

The rule of thumb in Islam is that anybody can accept a gift as long as he didn't ask for it, be it an Imam, a teacher, a qari' teaching Qur'an etc..

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