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If Allah predestined everything what's my fault?

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...... but you are given the will power to choose right or wrong".

So, now, why good people's will power choose right and not mine?

  • One has also been provided with sufficient tools , one of them being intelligence. Mar 13 at 4:18
  • @An_Elephant, Then again, why is good people's tool better than me? As they become more intelligent than me. Mar 13 at 15:52
  • Good people's tools are better than of others not because they are not born intelligent but they struggle and learn to reach truth despite finding it painful or uncomfortable. Unlike those who use the religion's susceptibility for political misuse. Mar 13 at 16:08

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Allah did not put us to jannah or jahannam because we would argue that if we had the choice we would be able to enter jannah, so allah did not want us to argue. So right now for example if you choose not to pray that will result in sin correct? But if you prayed you would either do a sin and instead do a good deed. And it in Allah's knowledge. We have the choice.

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