Assalam walaykum,

I am confused as to how I would identify the Hamsatul wasl in my Quraan , as my Quraan does not have the "saad" notation on the alif. I noticed there is usually a bare alif to indicate hamsatul wasl like in the beginning of surah fajr, ayath 38.

Even surah ikhlas has the bare alif in the first ayat to indicate the hamsatul wasl. However my confusion arises in the second ayath of surak ikhlas. That ayath in my Quraan, starts with an alif with a fatha, however Quraan.com shows that ayath starts with a hamsatul wasl. Similarly in surah naml, ayath 37, starts with an alif with a kasra. However Quraan.com shows that same ayath starting with a hamsatul wasl.

How do I distinguish between hamsatul wasl and hamsatul qat etc. If bare alifs and even alifs with fatha/kasra/dhomma are all depicted as hamsatul wasl, according to Quraan.com. It is beginning difficult to keep on going to Quraan.com to check

Jazakallah khair

  • Salam and welcome to IslamSE the Q &A site about Islam. To learn more about our site and model consider taking the tour and checking our help center. I'd say to answer this it would be very helpful if you add pictures links showing what you are talking about.
    – Medi1Saif
    Feb 18 at 10:18


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