Assalamu alaikum!

If this type of question is inappropriate here, let me know, I will delete, I don't have anyone with deep Islamic knowledge, so I left this question here.

As for the question. I work for a company that provides some services for e-commerce. Before, I thought it was enough to avoid shops with Alcohol, Pork, everything that is contrary to Islam, etc. And I thought that there would be few such cases, but in practice there are a lot of online stores that raise doubts about whether I will be an accomplice if I help such a store? If I do help, will I get a sin from each sale or one time?

Also dubious cases to which I did not find exact answers:

  1. Shops with women's clothing (frank and more modest). I'm not 100% sure, but I can only guess how it will be used.
  2. Mixed men's and women's clothing (how will the halal / haramness of the store depend on the proportion?).
  3. The store is 80%-90% halal, but 10%-20% haram products. For example, 90% of sweets, but a few gift sets with wine.
  4. Cosmetics, women's perfumes, jewelry.
  5. Sex shops.

This is just the one that occurs most often.

Also such a question. What if the store owner reported about a problem with user authorization. Then, before helping him, should he check what he is doing (haram or halal products)?

How can I indicate at interviews what I won’t be able to work with because of my faith? Not everyone knows what is haram in Islam and what is not.

JazakAllahu khairan!


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