Assalamualaikum may Allah SWT bless you for helping me out because I am in great confusion. Once when I was being very guilty about my actions ( I was addicted to some sort of p***) I said to Allah that please don't let anyone see the phone's history (it was a family phone ) and I said I will never repeat this action again please don't let anybody get to know about it I promise I will never do that again. So does this statement make it a conditional vow or promise? Does it mean if Allah will listen my dua then I cannot return to the same sin again? meaning will I be breaking a promise or vow?

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From the nature of this scenario, it probably is a promise / agreement between you and Allah. However, if Allah decides that leaking this information is for your best, then he will do it. Only Allah knows best.

P.S.: You should also ask an Imam or another scholar about this as well, I am not that knowledgeable. And also, make dua and ask for forgiveness from this sin.

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