I previously got a job at UpWork, from finlete.com. (a website where fans invest in their athletes and in return will get a share percentage of the athlete's future earnings.) I rejected the offer because I thought that's not halal. Can you guide me? About finlete: https://vimeo.com/731055421

Also, investing in a child's studies so that he could give it back when he start's earning?

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However, if you conduct an immediate transaction among yourselves, then there is no need for you to record it, but call upon witnesses when a deal is finalized. Let no harm come to the scribe or witnesses. If you do, then you have gravely exceeded ˹your limits˺. Be mindful of Allah, for Allah ˹is the One Who˺ teaches you. And Allah has ˹perfect˺ knowledge of all things. (2:282)

Whatever loans you give, ˹only˺ seeking interest at the expense of people’s wealth will not increase with Allah. But whatever charity you give, ˹only˺ seeking the pleasure of Allah—it is they whose reward will be multiplied. (30:39)

Here we are told what interest is halal. If we aren't exclusionary and immediate, we help with investment. I say an investment is consumption until it is proven to deflate.

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