What are the regulations after a husband definitely divorced regarding

  • maintenance of the ex wife after waiting period if she is not re-married

  • contact between minor children and their mother

I found a relevant question that remains but without an answer to my question:

Who becomes protector and maintainer of a woman after divorce?

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  • Maintenance is due on the same people who were responsible for it before her marriage. Such as her parents, children, siblings and other relatives who are her heirs.

    يد المعطي العليا وابدأ بمن تعول أمك وأباك وأختك وأخاك ثم أدناك أدناك

    The hand which gives is the upper hand. Start with those for whom you are responsible; your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, then the next closest, and the next closet.


  • Not sure what the question is here. Both parents have the right to meet their child, as preventing that is breaking of ties which is haram.

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