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In the Arabic context is it ok if we spell as "RIHAN" or "REHAN"? Are both same meaning in arabic context ?

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There are two words in Arabic that are roughly spelled the same but are not the same. One is Rehan(Arabic: الریحان) and means basil in English. It's written with an H(Arabic: ح) in the middle and can be spelled either with an i or an e, but the e one seems to be more common. The other one is Rayan or Rayyan(Arabic:الریان), which means the source of irrigation. This can also refer to باب الریان, which means one of the Gates of Janna.1

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ریحان with a Fathah on the Raa' (ر) may at times refer to an herb called Basil. At other times it refers to Rizq/رزق the bounty/sustenance of Allah to us. It would seem you are looking for the best and most closest transliteration of the Arabic word, it would be Raihaan. Sources: Maqayees Al Lugha مقاييس اللغة

You may also wish to consult an Arabic dictionary, like Al Qamoos Al Muheet (القاموس المحيط) to see the meanings of single words.

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They have the same meaning;

The faseeh correct spelling/pronounce is Rihan (RaI-han) Some Arabic countries (like Egypt) pronounce it (slang) as Rehan (Ree-han)

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