I was studying a marriage/divorce fiqh and one situation got into my mind and I couldn't find any answers to it in the internet, so I thought it will be heplful to ask it here and get an answer, so if anyone gets into this situation they will know an answer.

According to one of the points of view, it's obligatory (fard) to announce nikah, so people will know it. Obviously back in the times it was done a little different: a big feast in the street will get things done, but nowadays it's done a little different, obviously now there will be a feast too, but it's very possible that people that should know about your marriage can be split in the different parts of the world, so many use social platforms to announce that they got married. But in both cases, what if the pair gets divorced shortly after the nikah because of a serious reason? How should the husband announce that he gave a divorce to his wife after that? How was it done back in the days and how it should be done now? Or he should just make a new nikah and wedding without separately announcing that he got divorced?

The reason why I'm asking it is because the divorce is completely legal in Islam, but the social pressure makes it a little harder, people will start questioning why they got divorced, and even if there were serious reasons to that (for example, one side demanding for a divorce because the other wasn't fulfilling their responsibilities, one side have hidden the fact that they have kids and it's a crucial factor to another side or have hidden another important facts about their past and e.t.c.), there can be many serious reasons, but no side can just go and say "Don't blame me, it's all because she/him wasn't doing that... and did that...", because as far as I know it's better to keep the marital privacy in marriage. So the side that wasn't actually in the wrong will be wrongfully looked at too and it might damage their reputation, ability to find a new spouse and e.t.c., even tho it wasn't their fault at all and they had all the rights to divorce/ask for divorce.

I know that the questions I'm asking sound more like theoretical, but it can happen to someone (knowing how many muslims are in the world right now), and when that happens they will try and google the question and won't wind an answer to it, that's why I'm thinking about edge cases and if I don't find the answer, I ask it here so it will be heplful to the community (ummah).


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