I remember a hadith that talks about how a pious man claimed that the sinful man can't be forgiven, i.e. definitely going to hell, and a voice said his sins and your good deeds have both been erased start over.

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أن رجلا قال والله لا يغفر الله لفلان وإن الله تعالى قال من ذا الذي يتألى على أن لا أغفر لفلان فإني قد غفرت لفلان وأحبطت عملك

A man said: 'By Allah, Allah will not forgive so-and-so.' Allah said: 'Who is the one who swore by Me that I will not forgive so-and-so? I have forgiven so-and-so and I have cancelled out your good deeds.

Muslim 2621

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