Whenever I do ghusl or wudu My feet and my hands and private parts get wet(as sunnah). Then when i start purifying(wudu or ghusl) myself I can find itminan(certainty) that I have washed the part completely.

  1. My First Solution was to drying parts and and dipping parts that I can't was in a water container(like feet because floor is wet). But it takes significant amount of time (10-15 minutes).

  2. My Second solution was to rub every such part with soap, the soap also gave an indicator how much i've washed.But its also time consuming.

I just wanted to ask how do you deal with this problem? And how do i do this when I am in a public bathroom without soap and towel?

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If you feel like your whole limb most likely is washed then there no need for all that unless you're certain that a part haven't been washed

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