I'm a 25 yo man, unemployed, currently on hijrah.

I have three questions.

(1). There's this lingering feeling of that I'm having debt. Some that I remember and some that I don't remember what and how much my debt is. what should I do? Seeing the consequences of debt is scares, and worries me…

(2). At the time of my high school, I remember that I took a guitar from the school with the intention to repair it, I gave the guitar to someone who's knowledgeable about it, and I forgot to ask if it is done or taking it back to the school. Also, the person which I'm reaching out to repair didn't told me anything about the repair progress. I remember the person who I took the guitar with, but I don't have the contact of that person and I don't know where he is or how to reach him anymore. It has been like seven years… Also its not like i or my family can pay for it, but insya Allah if i have rizq i will try.

What should I do??? Should I buy a new guitar? But some school of thought says musical instrument are haram? How do I repay this… I don't even know the quality of the guitar (fake or real) and price of it.

I'm also not devoted muslim at time of highschool and ignorant on the law of Islam, only recently i started to remember what i do wrong and my sins...

(3). There's one time that I'm eating at a food stall and when I'm about to pay the owner refuse to take my money because he doesn't have the change, he told me it's okay and come back later when I can. Two days or so, I can't find the food stall anymore, I search the location around, and I didn't find the food stall. People say that he move somewhere, but they didn't know where, and I don't find any information about the man. how do i repay this? how to make the sadaqah for the man that i didn't even remember his name with... what are the niyah or the dua?

im sorry that my english is not that good.

  • Would be better to ask three separate questions rather than 3 in 1 question.
    – AbduRahman
    Oct 22, 2022 at 5:59


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