A few years ago my brother introduced me to a game that I played a lot. This game was based on Greek mythology and in it there was a character (which you play as) which was considered a god astaġfiru -llāhᵃ. I was explaining to my brother something and I called him a god (astaġfiru -llāhᵃ). I don't remember if I said "in Greek mythology". I was really young back then and did not even know the word shirk and had no concept of it. This question just dawned on me a week ago. Also I never thought of him as a real god (astaġfiru -llāhᵃ). Did I commit shirk? Please if there is any hadith or Ayaat of shirk being forgiven please tell me in your answer.


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playing this sort of game is sinful, but since you were young and ignorant you are pardoned so long as you don't play such a game in the future and repent from any previous sins regardless.

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