Assalam o Alaikum, I work in a software house and there is a non-Muslim client who wants to build a fitness app. At first the fitness app is like the other available apps in which the user enters his information and gets a workout and diet plan according to his condition, but the client has introduced some new requirement on which I, and my Project Manager has some doubts whether we should work on this app's new feature or not? and if we can work on this application then how many features we can provide and how many features are not accepted in Islam? we want to get clear knowledge of the boundaries. The details of the requirements are as under. Please clear our doubts in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. Jazak Allah

The Mobile App consists of the following steps.

Phase 1:

  • Users will register in the mobile application and enter their details in the mobile app like what is their weight, what is their height, what is their goal (do they want to lose weight or gain weight, etc.), and what diet they should take for these purposes, all through the mobile app they will know which exercise and diet are best for them based on the details they enter.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is based on two versions.

Phase Two Version One: In phase one, the client wants the app being developed in phase one to have a new feature of networking so that people using the app, can connect with each other through communication (including video calls, voice messages, and voice calls).

Besides this, through networking, a person can see the profile of other people. The User profile includes; Photos of the person whose profile it is. Body type (in what shape the user is: lean, thin, healthy, etc.) Dietary interest (what does the user like to eat: vegetables or meat etc.)

A person can connect with another person by viewing a profile. A woman can connect to a man, a man can connect to a woman, a woman to another woman, and a man to another man. According to the client, people will connect to each other for the following purposes: Dating. Users can chat with each other. Users can make each other their gym partners. Users can find their Soul mate.

Phase 2 version two:

After version two, we told the client that we don't work on a dating app. So he changed some of the requirements as follows:

By removing dating from networking, the client said that it is ok we can remove dating and let's introduce a new feature of "Friendship" so that people can make friends instead of dating so he introduced this new Requirement of Friendship. Remove the “soulmate” feature and add the term “ Gym mate”. Gym mates can be any male or female. The gym mates will be the people who will go to the gym with you. Because you get demotivated by going to the gym alone. In Phase 2 Like version 1, people can connect to each other in this phase as well, chat, video call, send messages, and send voice notes.

In the networking part, they can still become gym partners, make friends regardless of gender, and share each other's dietary interests (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, etc.) or fitness interests (running, weight lifting, bodybuilding, dancing, hiking, cycling, swimming, walking, martial arts and others).

Both parties can show each other their photos and write about their bodies and interests (interests will be based on food and gender) on their profiles.

You can make friends, chat and make gym partners by looking at the profile.

Is it okay to provide chat and other features after knowing that the client clearly want to achieve dating goals from the app? Please advice in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. Jazak Allah


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