Let's say a crow pooped on my shirt.

If I offer prayer while wearing the shirt without washing, will my prayer be valid? I want to know if impurity passes with animal poops.

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  • What I meant by 'do I need to wash it' is, if I pray without cleaning the dirt from my shirt, will my be valid? + Edited the description of the question so that everyone can understand.
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If the animal is not edible (not halal) then its feces and urine is impure according to the majority opinion. And the same applies to the droppings of birds whose flesh is not lawful. A crow is included in this.

جمهور الفقهاء على أن ذرق الطيور التي لا يؤكل لحمها كالباز والشاهين والرخم والغراب والحدأة نجس

The majority of jurists are of the view that the excrement of birds whose meat cannot be eaten is impure such as that of an eagle, hawk, vulture, crow and kite

Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah 21/211

If the animal or bird is edible then there is difference of opinion among the scholars. The cautionary approach is to wash it.

Opinions which consider such excretions to be impure are based on generalization of the following ahadith:

استنزهوا من البول

Beware of urine

Bulugh al-Maram

وألقى الروثة وقال هي رجس

He threw the dung away, saying: 'It is impure.'

Bukhari , Ibn Majah

Whereas opinions which consider them to be pure are based on the fact that protecting oneself from these materials is difficult. And based on their interpretation of the hadith of praying anywhere on earth including in the sheep folds.


If these animals are among those whose meat is permissible to eat according to sharee’ah, such as sparrows, chickens, ducks... sheep, cows, horses...etc.etc, their dung is pure

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