In 25:3 it is said:

Yet they have taken besides Him gods who cannot create anything but are themselves created. Nor can they protect or benefit themselves. Nor can they control life, death, or resurrection.25:3

Explain the verse because angels take the soul and therefore have power over death. According to 4:97:

When the angels seize the souls of those who have wronged themselves1—scolding them, “What do you think you were doing?” they will reply, “We were oppressed in the land.” The angels will respond, “Was Allah’s earth not spacious enough for you to emigrate?” It is they who will have Hell as their home—what an evil destination!4:97

And also: specify the moment at 16:21

They are dead, not alive—not even knowing when their followers will be resurrected.16:21

The polytheists also worshipped angels, and they are alive.

  • Couldn't a human also say he has power over death with this logic, like the king in the story of Ibrahim (AS) did? (Quran 2:258)
    – The Z
    Sep 1, 2022 at 14:10

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The assumption angels take the soul and therefore have power over death is wrong because angels don't move an inch or descends without the commandment of Allah. They don't have the knowledge of when a person is going to die nor they have power to kill anyone without Allah's will they only descend by Order of Allah.

Referring to [19:64]

“We only descend by the command of your Lord. To Him belongs whatever is before us, and whatever is behind us, and everything in between. And your Lord is never forgetful.

[19:64] is also a reply to those who think/thought that Angels listen to their supplication and can benefit them.

For [16:21]:-

The idols/deities were deceased prophets, saints, pious and other extraordinary beings buried in their graves and not angels, jinns, devils or idols. For the angels and devils are alive: therefore, the words, “They are dead, not living” cannot apply to them. Here angels are excluded because they are alive, living.

Tafsir Of 16:21


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