Assalam alaykum

I tend to have issues with memory and concentration, so during namaz I am always forgetting how many rakat I have prayed. and I am always praying more rakat than I need to.

I have taken a video of me while praying to make sure if I prayed right or not, and I always pray the correct amount of rakat.

But when I am praying, I get waswasah and end up praying extra rakat just to make sure that my prayer is valid, and so for example I would pray 5 rakat for zuhr.

Deep down I know that I am praying right but I am always getting wasasah that I haven't prayed enough rakat, so for the past year or so I have been praying extra just in case.

Please help.

  • "I have taken a video of me ... I always pray the correct amount of rakat." .... this is proof that your waswasa is baseless. So just ignore it. We are not a peer support group.
    – UmH
    Jun 21 at 5:32

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Assalamualaikum brother , if this continues for for years, i first recommend you to ask du'a to Allah (SWT), to protect you from waswasah(whisper) of shaytan, it happens to most of the people during salah, make sure you do 2 sajdah when u don't the count of your rakah, ask Allah to increase your concentration and protection from shaytan❤️

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