Why does the word منافقون (Munafiq/hypocrite) and انفاق (Infaq) which means “to spend out (wealth) share the same triliteral root nūn fā qāf (ن ف ق)

List of occurrences in Quran from triliteral root nūn fā qāf

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The word نَفِقَ originally comes from the meaning of something passing or being exhausted.

From this comes the sentence نَفِقَتِ الدَّراَهِمُ which means: The dirhams (coins) ran out.

From this comes the word أَنْفَقَ which means to spend money.

The word النَّفَقُ refers to a path that passes through the earth i.e. a tunnel, and it is used to refer to burrows made by mice in the desert.

The burrows of mice have two openings which they enter and exit as they please. From this came the name of مُنافِقِ because he enters Islam from one place and exits it from another.

If he meets a disbeliever, he shows his disbelief from one place. If he meets a believer, he shows his belief.


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