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I work as a sales representative (I get a commission for each deal closed) for a marketing agency and this agency promotes projects and each project is different, some projects have 2D drawings or 3D or sometimes there are projects with no drawings, etc...

My question is if I get clients for this marketing agency, is the money earned from the commission halal or haram or do I bear a sin if I do so or I have no direct relationship with them?

Jazzakumo Allahu Kahyran

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First of all, any 2D or 3D image that doesn't depict a human or an animal is halal.

Concerning humans and animals, fiqh differs. I have published an overview on How can I make my drawings of humans halal?.

which is a part of the answer, showing different rulings.

I found a fatwa on a Salafiya site, allowing digital images in general as long as they are not materilised (I have to find it again in a review of this edit) but this is not commonly agreed in the Salafiya fiqh (and I personally don't agree, either).

It's certainly haram to depict images that are offensive, too (like naked images etc.)

You will certainly have to refuse to do things demanded from you if you are sure that it is against God's Will. But it remains difficult to really know whether a restriction is His Will or just a careful fiqh of a scholar who cannot exclude it that it is His Will.

You can also argue that it is better to change an image so that no Muslim thinks that it is offensive. That's a good argument ifever you are in doubt.

It will finally not be the most important issue when you stand before Him: Have faith in Him and do good deeds. And avoid telling lies when you are doing your job.

  • Jazzaka Allah Khayran, Thanks for your answer, when I talked about projects, I meant NFT (non fungible token) projects and most of those projects have hand drawings whether it was 3D or 2D and each project is different, so my main concern was if it's okay promoting them, my intention is not to promote the drawings or anything but instead, promote the project itself except the drawings have to be clear from haram things such as naked stuffs, etc... May 16 at 17:06

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