During my not practicing islam, I did some serious/deadly sins, of them Debt is in the top and the frightening problem is that I forget the lenders information totally! Now I'm Alhamdulillah a practicing muslim or at least I'm trying my level best to abide by the rules and regulations of islam. Now I want to purify myself by any form of expiation but I don’t know any ruling about debt which can't be repaid because of some circumstances I've like not remembering their address, their names/faces etc. Things to consider whilst answering this:-

I've even forget when and where the debts' occurred.

I'm in a major confusion whether this guy owe money from me or not because of my forgetting their faces.

Even if I spot someone as the lender I don’t know how much money I should repay.

Besides that not just Debt, I had even willingly deceived one/two of them(the lenders).

So what should I do in such critical situation? I want to purify myself from this burden. Can anybody help me out?

  • We are not a fatwa-site and you are asking for one.
    – Medi1Saif
    Apr 26 at 15:19


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