This happened during the same battle Ali eyes were cured the only problem is I can’t find the hadith where prophet Muhammad pbuh healed Salama ibn Akwa's leg wound when he breathed upon it.

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This is narrated in Bukhari and Abu Dawud, Musnad Ahmad and Sahih Ibn Hibban:

حدثنا يزيد بن أبي عبيد، قال: رأيت أثر ضربة في ساق سلمة فقلت: يا أبا مسلم، ما هذه الضربة؟ قال: هذه ضربة أصبتها يوم خيبر، قال: يوم أصبتها قال الناس: أصيب سلمة، " فأتي بي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فنفث فيه ثلاث نفثات ، فما اشتكيتها حتى الساعة

Yazid b. Abi ‘Ubaid said :

I saw a sign of injury in the shin of Salamah. I asked : What is this? He replied : I was afflicted. I was afflicted by it on the day of Khaibar. The people said : Salamah has been afflicted. I was then brought to the Prophet (ﷺ). He blew on me three times. I did not feel any pain up till now.

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