What is Yaumul Qiyamah mentioned in 2:85? Why is it also mentioned in the same verse the term Akhirah?

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    Where is 'akhirah' mentioned in that ayah? – Ansari Feb 28 '13 at 12:31

Qiyamah (lit. standing) refers to the Day of Judgment; more specifically it refers to the standing that all humans will be doing on that day. Some will have it comfortable and it will seem like a breeze, and to others it will be a painful torment.

Akhirah refers in general to the world of the Hereafter, which begins with the Day of Judgment.


Qiyamah - from verb QAMA (to Stand/Resurrect ) in context The hereafter emphasizing the RESURRECTION.

Akhera - from noun Akher (The Last/ The End) and in context The Hereafter more general encompassing Resurrection, Judgment, and punishment or reward.

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