The fard acts of ghusl is washing nose, washing mouth, and water in all parts of body.

I just finished my menses (period) so I had intention to make ghusl because I want to pray and start fasting (it is holy month of Ramadan now).

I went in the bathtub, washed my private parts with water and soap. Then washed my hands with water and soap. Then washed in my nose 3 times and mouth 3 times. I then put water on my hair with shampoo and washed it very well. Then put soap all over my body (except my private parts because I already washed them) and washed with water.

I got out of the bathtub and wiped my body with a towel, put clothes on, and hair dried my hair using hairdryer. Then I did wudu and put face moisturizer on (I have to put it on because of my dry skin).

Is my ghusl valid correct?

Please tell me if it is! I want to pray, start fasting, and read Quran from mus'haf.

Thank you.


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Washing your body, and making sure that the water reached all your body parts including rinsing your mouth, and nose is enough for valid ghusl.


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