Assalamu Alaikum,

I know if anyone cry for a dead then this dead will be punished(bukhari,muslim)

I used to love my mother so much.So after my mother die I feel like burst out in tears now and often but supress that buster of cry thinking it would be more effective if I save this crying for the prayer/munajat. I took one 1(circa) minute video of my mother while she was in ventilation/life support and two images of her face while she died.

After long time when my feelings and memories of the fate of a man in the end stage of the life in this earthy world gets blunt due to so much of worldly engagements, i see those images and video to hone my feeling and then feel energized to say munajat and/or prayer.

So, my question is can I keep those imagws and video of my mother?

N.B. My father died in Nov-2019 and mother recently.


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