Is it correct to refuse entry to masjid for not wearing a mask? Is it correct to kick someone out of a masjid, such as during Friday khutbah, for not wearing a mask? Is it correct to deny entry for not having vaccine?

  • This looks like a fatwa request and we are not a fatwa site.
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  • This is a question because this is happening right now and we need to know whether it is correct. Commented Feb 28, 2022 at 18:34
  • Then you should ask a scholar as stated this is not a fatwa site. We cannot give a fatwa because we simply have not the required knowledge.
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  • I understand this is a new topic. I thought I could get answer with sources that attempts to give some guidance, not a fatwa to base decisions on. Commented Feb 28, 2022 at 23:46

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According to Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, Associate Professor of Islamic law and Prophetic Tradition at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California, it is not permissible to deny unvaccinated entry to a masjid:

The truth is that the masjid belongs to Allah. “And the mosques belong to God. So, do not call on anyone along with God” (Q 58:18). This means no one person nor group has the authority to determine who can and cannot enter it, besides those who Allah has already barred from it (drunkards, menstruating women, men in major ritual impurity, etc.). Denying someone entry to the masjid without a valid excuse is unlawful, sinful, and unethical.

This also means denying entry to unmasked is also not allowed.

It is not permissible to talk during khutbah or to tell someone to not talk. Therefore, you can't ask someone to leave the masjid during a khutbah.

  • The imam can talk during the khotbah to a specific person in the audience the prophet even paused the khutbah to speak with somebody!
    – ياsr
    Commented Mar 6, 2022 at 1:18

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