We know that keeping the beard is obligatory. [1]What if someone is keeping the beard for the sake of beauty, meaning, with beard he looks better than shaved face, so he keeps beard for that reason, not for the sake of Allah 'azzawajal or not for obeying Allah's ('azzawajal) order ?

[2] like wise if someone gave charity not for showing off and even not for the sake of Allah 'azzawajal but for being merciful/ sympathetic to Whom he has donated, what's the ruling on this?
please shed some light on these with authentic rulings and consequences on this regard. May Allah 'azzawajal give us Comprehension in His religion!

  • Actions are rewarded according to the intention. If someone keeps a beard only for beauty, he wouldn't get any reward for the obligation of keeping a bear.
    – The Z
    Feb 18 at 18:35


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