I’m kind of embarrassed to ask this but I want to know: Can something that comes from inappropriate thoughts require ghusl? I get those feelings quite often everyday, I try to ignore them but then sometimes when I get the feeling it’s only there for a second and I never know if I have to do ghusl or not. I read that it depends on if we feel pleasure (then it’s maniy) or just desire (then it’s madhiy) but I don’t know which I’m feeling. As for looks, I can’t tell the difference between the discharge.

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There are three symptoms of semen(maniy) in men: A) It is based on lust and instinctual satisfaction. B) Come out by pushing and jumping. C) When coming out, the body relaxes. Therefore, any liquid that comes out of a person is not najis and does not need ghusl. But if he had those conditions, it is not me. There is a ruling on janabah and you should perform janabah ghusl.

" madhiy": is the water that arouses when you see scenes that provoke or imagine lustful scenes without jumping and without jumping. Its amount is much less than semen.



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