It is narrated in the Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah (30364) and in his Kitab al-Iman (106) that Abu Darda (rn) made this following Du'a:

'Ya Allah, I ask You for permanent faith, beneficial knowledge, and valuable guidance' Mu'awiyah said: 'So, you see faith which is not permanent, and knowledge which is of no benefit and guidance of no value.'

I would like to know the authenticity for this supplication since I can not find any classification for it?

  • If you can find the edition of musannaf ibn abi shaybah annotated by Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah (r), will clarify all the Hadith in it. It's 26 volumes in total!. And about the musnad ad daylami and Al hilyah, i am not familiar with those. Hope someone well versed in those works as well can provide you an answer, in Sha Allah. Dec 4 '21 at 19:43

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