Assalamulaikum. I am writing a book, I wanted to ask if it is haram to write sexual things like sex, rape, drinking etc.? Is it okay if I write a scene about sexual tension between the MC's and all. They are married, by the way. And I am writing a gay side couples I won't do anything too much, just write that they are getting married and that one dies on the wedding day. I don't believe in the LGBTQ+ community. I know it's haram and that it is prohibited. My story is not Islamic, it doesn't belong in a Muslim household, etc. I don't have any intentions of doing any of these things in real life. I am just writing this short novel for fun. And to let people know about my story and plot. Please let me know if the things I've mentioned above are haram to write? Even though I've no sexual desire or intentions of doing them, it's just my imagination, and it will remain an imagination.

  • what is erotic is haram. Watching a romantic movie is not haram. Watching a romantic movie that gives desire is haram. Same things with books Nov 8 at 15:38

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