Where does this quote from Al-Shafi'i originate from? And could I please get a source for the Arabic?

Al-Shafii (d. 820) said: “He may marry off his female slave without her permission whether she is a virgin or non-virgin.”

Quoted by Kecia Ali in Marriage and Slavery, pg. 40


The source of the quote seems quite clear in the edition that is available online. If you see page 40 of the book, next to this quote the author gives a number (46) and the corresponding note for this number gives the citation as:

Al-Umm, K. al-Nikah, "Nikah al-‘adad wa nikah al-'abid," 5:68

I would assume that it refers to the following text:

وله أن يزوج أمته بغير إذنها بكرا كانت أو ثيبا

كتاب الأم - نكاح العدد ونكاح العبيد

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