I am going to join a coaching centre to inshallah become a doctor.

My questions are:

  1. Can we can become a doctor in islam
  2. Is it permissible to raw (cut) human body parts or work on dead body
  3. Finally, is it ok to draw diagrams for education purpose?
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It is permissible in Islam to become a doctor.

In general, Islam never told that a believer should abstain from studying medecine, and there are many Muslim physicians worldwide; rulings only concern some points as those you have mentioned in your question:

  • You may draw and study drawings of any parts of the human body; drawings of the entire body may be acceptable if it is essential to draw the entire body for medical purposes but it should be avoided


  • It is disputed to what extent working with a dead body is allowable

Reference declaring it permissible under certain conditions

Reference declaring it not permissible.

There are ways to study medicine and practice as a physician that conform the commandments according to to Islamic rulings. So, you need not abstain from this career for religious reasons.

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