I’m aware a similar question has been asked about this, but it didn’t give a satisfactory answer.

In regards to pronouns, I’m referring to the mainstream trend that people have been putting “he/him”, “she/her”, and now a “they/them”, on their profiles.

One viewpoint is that it is haram because by listing your pronouns, you believe there’s more than one gender—hence the use of they/them some people use among others and that you’re imitating the disbelievers.

Another is that it’s not haram, provided that your intention is only to just let people know your gender (even though I find this very weak) because:

  1. you could just showcase a displace picture of yourself, which showcases your gender
  2. you could just write your gender on your bio
  3. It still comes off as imitating the disbelievers

When it comes to arguments, how should one structure it? Normally it goes something like this:

”Listing your pronouns are haram.”

“Why are they haram? Everyone has pronouns.”

This tends to lead into the argument about how there isn’t a third gender, but I’d rather much take on an Islamic argument, not a scientific one.

TL;DR: are pronouns haram or halal? If they’re halal, why? If they’re haram, why?

  • is it because it takes an imitation of the disbelievers approach?
  • is it because it takes the third gender belief approach?
  • or both?
  • or any other reason(s) not listed?
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The subject you are taking about has many aspects:

  • The person does not want to disclose his or her gender on a public internet site.

It is halal because no rule is saying that that everyone has to tell everybody who he or she is.

  • Usage for an undefined third person

Correct if the author wants to point out that he or she adresses both men and women.

  • People who are born with signs of both sex

As God allows this to happen, nobody can declare haram that these people openly declare that they belong to this small group of people. However, a recent study in Germany where the option to declare ones gender "divers" found out that most people who are born with both signs do not make use of this option.

  • Changing gender is declared haram.

However, people who did this usually insist on using the gender of their choice so that the use of forms like"his or her" is not required for those people.

On these considerations, I don't see any indication that the use of such construction would be haram.

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