Salam, my friends and I are looking for ways to earn extra money and he recommended brave broweser which is a crypto browser that is attached to your chrome. It allows you to earn passive income whilst you browse. I just want to know whether or not this is halal?

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    Whether or not this is halal i really don’t recommend it because Brave have a commission for every bitcoin you mine and you need a very powerful computer to mine a lot. You will need hundreds of hours just for some dollars or cents, it would be better to do something in fiverr (it’s halal but not passive income). Oct 22 at 18:15
  • Jzk I’m not looking to mine all the time but my friends and myself are looking for ways to earn a little bit of money and he suggested the idea and said it isn’t much but it’s something that can help. But to confirm is it halal or not?
    – Usman
    Oct 22 at 23:23
  • I think most scholars say it’s haram, so i think you better not do it just in case it’s haram(and it’s not even worth it) Oct 24 at 0:10
  • Ok jzk for the answer :)
    – Usman
    Oct 24 at 0:53

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