Aoa Dear Brothers and Sisters! I'm writer and this year I started to sell my work as a songwriter on fiverr. As I know listening to music is haram but does it mean that being lyricist is also haram?i couldn't find answer of this anywhere and want your opinion on it. I want to know if the earning from this profession will be halal or not. I'm very fearful to Allah and wanna get my answer as soon as possible. Please help me with this matter. JazakAllah Khairyun

  • If the music you write has the intent of it being sung with music, then it is haram. However, there are song lyrics that don’t pertain to music but rather vocals only and no haram elements. If that’s the case, then no. But I would be careful because most likely your audience would be non Muslim and by selling song lyrics you’ll be helping them accomplish their agenda of signing new songs with instruments. Aug 30 at 10:07

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