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What is the difference between Muslim, Mumin, and Muhsin?

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If you are an Arabic reader you can check a detailed explanation for the Hadith That was a conversation between the Prophet PBUH and a foreign Arab who came to ask about Islam, Iman, and Ihsan.

The difference between these three is the following:

  • Islam is to certify that there is one God, pray 5 prayers per day, fast Ramadan, pay zakat, and go to Hajj for those who can.

  • Iman is to certify the presence of God, his Angels, his Books, his Messengers, Doomsday, and Predestination (Good and bad ones).

  • Ihsan is to Worship God as if you can see him, if you didn't see him, know that he does.

So as a summary the difference is that Islam is to be done with your actions, however Iman is more related to your heart and beliefs.

In the verse 49:14 we can see the difference between Islam and Iman.

Ihsan is the most highest level among them. This verse 16:128 shows how the Mohsin has a high grade from his God, because of the fidelity between a person and his God.

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