I learned that you can make dua during sujood and that is when you are closest to Allah. Like for example "O Allah please help me in ____". Can you also make a dua where you thank Allah in sujood? Like for example "O Allah I thank you for ____. All praise is for Allah." Or can you only like praise Allah as you normally do with subhana rabbi al 'ala and you cannot thank Allah for something specific?

I say much of my Dua in English since that is what I know, but I am trying to learn some Arabic duas from the Sunnah.



Praising Allah in Sujud or Ruku is only permissible with what has been authentically narrated in the Sunnah of the Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa sallam), and there are of course various reports on what can be said during these occasions.

They are compiled for example in the books of such as "Kitab al-Adhkar - An-Nawawi“ or in “Hisnul Muslim - from Al-Qahtani“ and so on which you can easily find for free on the internet if you search for PDFs.

Concerning Du‘a, you can supplicate about everything which is halal, is not harming you or which is not cutting off kinship. The scholars have discussed about Du‘a in other languages and it is allowed to say them, but it is better if you learn them in Arabic. If you learned to speak and understand Arabic, then it is not allowed to say them in any other language, if it is not difficult for you.

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