asalam alaykum.

i am on the internet a lot (watching halal things) but sometimes a haram clip or ad might show up in the video or on a website and as soon as i realize it is there i look away from it since i don't want to do a sin. but i feel guilty as if i did something wrong even though i didn't, i am always getting waswasah that you did haram even though it was unintentional. please someone help me how do i get rid of these waswasah that are telling me that i did haram even though it was a mistake.


There are many ways to try and combat waswas. You could increase the amount of dhikr you do. Recite morning and evening adhkars and read more Quran to help build a stronger connection to Allah. By doing these things you gain a stronger bond with Allah and Shaytaan finds it harder to come to you and play these mind games on you. I pray Allah helps you with your waswas and keep you protected from shaytaan.

  • thank you, i will try these.
    – muslim1738
    Aug 3 at 10:25
  • You’re welcome :)
    – Usman
    Aug 3 at 23:31

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