Neobanks are a fairly new way of banking wherein there are no branches and the operational cost of running them is very low

Their major means of income is through interchange fees (70%) and the remaining is using interests earned. Clearly this isn't a conventional bank whose core way of earning is through interests. Some countries don't provide banking license to Neobanks so in such countries they act as an intermediary and work with other banks e.g.PayPal, TransferWise

The company name is Nubank and I've checked the financials to validate the income distribution. The percentage mentioned above is for Nubank company only and not the entire Neobank sector

My question is, is it halal for a software engineer to work in such a company? My role in no way touches the riba department. I'm a data engineer responsible for setting up the infrastructure for data analysis which can be used for all sorts of purposes like fraud detection, report generation, making the service better. Ultimately I'll get to know my exact role as a data engineer after I join

Alhamdulillah the offer is very nice. We got it on the day of Arafah. My in laws prayed for the best while sitting in Masjid ul Haram. Even if it means I work there temporarily, it'll put me in a great position when I switch to a different job later

Again, please don't think of this company as a conventional bank that is exploiting people using riba. The business/revenue model is a completely different strategy

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