I and my brother worked online as the freelance developers through Fiverr.

I gave an interview to a client in November/December 2020 for my brother and myself in which I mentioned that we will both work for the client. Back then I was working on another job. I tried to work for the client but I could not work with him until April 2021 because I could not manage two jobs. Then, I decided all terms and conditions of my work with the client directly on whatsapp at the end of March.

Fiverr mentions in their terms and conditions that all communications and money should only go through their platform on which they charge around 20%. My mother said to get payments directly from the client from now on because the client is permanent now and we have already paid a lot of commission to Fiverr monthly so there is no need to pay anymore.

My question is that is it permissible if I get the payments directly from client instead of getting through Fiverr? I work for the client on monthly basis and do I have to keep paying a hefty amount to Fiverr each month? Fiverr's headquarters are also located in Israel so I don't want to do business with them. Can I close my account on Fiverr and get the money from the client directly because I would no longer be obliged to their terms and conditions?


  • I used Fiverr lots of time years ago. How do you get the email or contact info of your employer/client on Fiverr? Is it within Fiverr chat or somewhere else? If you get the client's email or phone somewhere else, then it is not against the Fiverr terms, so it is not haram, even though you knew the client the first time via Fiverr. If the client tries to tell his email within the Fiverr chat, the Fiverr system itself won't allow that and will block his message. Please edit your question and add the details. Jul 22 at 6:44
  • @AhmedYousef We sent the buyer request and in response, the buyer sent the zoom link in the chat for the interview and where he asked for the WhatsApp number
    – S. Farooq
    Jul 22 at 10:14

I think what you are trying to do is good. But both parties should agree i.e you and your client. It is totally permissible. The other thing which you mentioned about Israel. Then using there product does not mean you are supporting them. However avoiding is best option. So go for it.

  • Thanks for your answer. I have also asked the imams of two Masjids and one of them said there is no issue with direct payment. The other told me not to take it. But, once I mentioned that the other imam permitted it then he said okay fine. But, there is something in my heart. I don't know what should I do really! Then, sometimes I asked to different people on different platforms and got no response to my questions. I am very much confused about what should I do. Because this is a very serious matter to which everyone is answerable to Allah for.
    – S. Farooq
    Aug 30 at 13:30
  • 1
    Look brother Fiverr is just a medium between you and your client. Just talk to your client about this issue. If he agrees on direct payment. Then there is no problem, as both parties are willingly doing this.
    – khalidz
    Aug 31 at 7:11
  • I really thank you for trying to answer my question. I did not receive the answer on any platform I have tried to ask this questions, although I asked my friends and family and almost all of them say that there is no problem with direct payments Islamically. I asked the client as you mentioned and the client insists that He wants to pay without Fiverr. But, my question stands whether fiverr have a right of commission in the payment or not since the client is permanent sort of. Do I have to keep paying to fiverr after I paid them once?
    – S. Farooq
    Sep 3 at 20:39
  • Also if the client is not even agreeing and willing to pay through fiverr. Am I free of this burden and responsibility?
    – S. Farooq
    Sep 3 at 20:43

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