I and my brother work online as the freelance developers through a platform called Fiverr. I gave an interview to a client in November/December 2020 in which I mentioned that we will both work for the client but I did not work with him until April 2021, because I was working on another job back then. Fiverr mentions in their terms and conditions that all communications and money should only go through their platform on which they charge around 20%. However, my mother said to get payments directly from the client from now on because the client is kind of permanent now and we have already paid a lot of commission to Fiverr so there is no need to pay.

My question is that is it halal if I get the payments directly? I work for the client on monthly basis and I have to pay a hefty amount to Fiverr each month. Also, Fiverr's headquarters are located in Israel so I don't want to do business with them. Can I close my account on Fiverr and get the money from the client directly because I would no longer be obliged to their terms and conditions? or is it not even necessary to close the Fiverr's account?


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  • I used Fiverr lots of time years ago. How do you get the email or contact info of your employer/client on Fiverr? Is it within Fiverr chat or somewhere else? If you get the client's email or phone somewhere else, then it is not against the Fiverr terms, so it is not haram, even though you knew the client the first time via Fiverr. If the client tries to tell his email within the Fiverr chat, the Fiverr system itself won't allow that and will block his message. Please edit your question and add the details. – Ahmed Yousef Jul 22 at 6:44
  • @AhmedYousef We sent the buyer request and in response, the buyer sent the zoom link in the chat for the interview and where he asked for the WhatsApp number – S. Farooq Jul 22 at 10:14

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