I've come across this narration and need the grading please:

Book of Al-Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Printing 1, 1968, V1, page 95/96):

Obed Allah told us that … it was Warqa Ibn Naofal's sister in the road looking for men. As she looked, she did not like any until she saw Abd Allah (Muhammad's father) walk by. She said to him, holding him from his clothes, “What do you think about my goods?” (Get what you need from me.) He said, “Not now. When I am back!” He went out fast and entered to Amenah Bent Wahab (Muhammad's mother) and had sex with her. On his way back, he came to meet with Warqa Ibn Naofal's sister and said to her, “You still like to sleep with me!” She said, “No! When you walked by, before you left me, I saw a shiny face, but now you have lost that shiny face.”


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