I remembered that I kept a picture of someone wearing amulet in necklace. But the thing is I'm not sure if that thing is amulet or not I just keep the picture of person just to look at them. However, I do not believe that amulets can bring good luck or whatsoever. Have I made a sin?


Taking pictures isn't good in Islam first of all and keeping that in amulets arent good for a muslim.

Aala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qaadiri mentions in the Khutbah of Ataya al-Qadeer fi Hukmit Tasweer, the book wherein he proves that to take and keep photographs of living objects are Haraam. A few short narrations from the said book are presented below:

In the Khutbah Aala Hazrat says, “All Praise is for Allah, Who is the Creator and the Maker of features, who blessed us with good features and alone, He created the minutest of minute things in the universe and He destined severe chastisement and intense punishment for those who replicate that which He has created. They replicate Allah’s creation, then let them create one speck or one grain of wheat. Durood and salaams upon him , who came destroying idols and who commanded big and small photographs to be Haraam, and said it to be a major sin; and peace and salutations upon his family and companions and upon his respected (son) descendant Ghaus-e-Azam and peace and blessings upon the entire Ummah, according to their status and excellence. My Creator! I seek your refuge from the whispering of shaitaan and I seek Your protection, so that he does not come near me.”

Aala Hazrat further quotes the following Hadith Shareef; Hazrat Abu Hurairah says that the Beloved Rasool  said, “Jibra’eel (alaihis salaam) came to me and said, ‘Last night I came to present myself in your Holy Court, but I did not enter as there were pictures (of living things) on the doorway and there is a curtain in the house which has pictures on it and there is a dog in the house, thus please command that the pictures that are there should have the heads removed, so that it takes the form of a tree and cut the cloth of the curtain in two parts and use it to make pillows so that the figures on it may be destroyed and let the dog be removed’ The Prophet  did exactly that.”

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