I‘m a 15 year-old boy and unfortunately, since my childhood, I have always been very aggressive and disrespectful to my mother and my father. A couple of months ago, I would always shout at my parents and insult them whenever they shouted at me for doing something wrong. When I was very angry and sad, I would even hit my mother or try to curse my parents by making bad dua. My parents have always told me that it is a great sin to be disrespectful to parents but for some reason I just didn‘t care until now, having read that it is a major sin to disobey one’s parents. Especially when my parents had arguments (and they often do, my father even used to hit my mother and make her cry and she would always curse him) I was really angry with my parents.

However, I have always loved my parents and they have never been really disappointed with me for a long time. They would always forgive me for being rude to them. So in general, we do have a great relationship and we laugh a lot and are really happy together. Now, since a couple of months I feel really bad and cursed by Allah,for I have a big health issue and I feel like or I do strongly believe that this is a punishment by God for disobeying my parents for years, insulting them, cursing them, even hitting them a couple of times.

And now I feel really bad and guilty and have already asked Allah as well as my parents for forgiveness and my parents say I have always been a very nice son, but I know that I should never have behaved like that. Lately, I have been really frustrated and felt like being abandoned by Allah, wherefore I even started to become angry with God. But I know this is another major sin.

Will Allah forgive me and cure my illness (even if it‘s theoretically uncurable) if my parents have forgiven me and if I keep asking Him for forgiveness? I feel very guilty and feel like having ruined my whole life just by being so rude to my parents and I regret it a lot. I try to do my best to respect my parents and stop being rude to them. Will the "curse" and punishment always last on me? I wish I had never insulted my parents this way, making Allah angry... I know Allah is very forgiving, but I think my sins were far too big to be forgiven.

  • Allah forgives all sins. No sin is too big for Allah to forgive. If you don’t turn to Allah and give into Satan making you think your sins are too much or too bad, then you’ve lost. The battle is not being perfect, it’s coming back to Allah over and over and over again. Jul 14 at 19:00
  • Thank you very much. You‘re right, Allah forgives all sins. But does he also let go of punishment if the sins are forgiven?
    – wesem43
    Jul 14 at 20:48
  • Yes. There’s no need to punish over something He’s already forgiven. However, in your case, there’s a catch. Allah also says that if you’ve hurt someone, you must apologize to them. If they don’t forgive you, he won’t forgive you. So ask your parents for forgiveness and then repent. Jul 14 at 20:50
  • Alhamdullilah I‘ve asked my parents for forgiveness and they have forgiven me. They told me that they are absolutely happy with me as their son and they don‘t blame me for anything. But I mean the punishment is already there? Will it go away if the sins are forgiven?
    – wesem43
    Jul 14 at 21:27
  • What punishment? Jul 14 at 21:28

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