I was doing Dhikr and I was saying Allahu Akbar and I put more emphasis on the L’s in in Allahu and not the A. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw someone ask a question about mispronunciation in Dhikr and if mispronunciation in Dhikr makes you Kufr. Does my mispronunciation make me a kufr?

  • Kufr mean you close yourself from the truth (Islam). So no it's not kufr unless you change the meaning of the words, and even if you did that's still recorded as a mistake(unintentional) and therefore an exemption. And Allah knows best. – valikaze125 Jul 9 at 7:53

There is no sin on you if you didn't do it purposely or you didn't do it knowingly. Evidence: Riyad us Salihin 1.

  • Please consider supporting your claims by evidences. – Medi1Saif Jul 21 at 9:37

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