I used to have waswas in wudu before and got over it but recently it came back. I need some clarification from someone knowledgeable and would he nice if you could give some proof too. So here are the issues I need clarifying.

  1. When I wash face, sometimes my fingers touches the back of the other hands finger. Does it make it used water? What about if finger touches the hair roots as I want to wash the edges of face.

  2. sometimes I have mucus in my finger after blowing nose. If I wash my finger before washing my face, is it considered breaking order of wudu?

  3. When you wash beard, and you realise you want to rub your face a bit. Does your hands water become used since you washed beard?

  4. when you wash hands upto your fingers, sometimes I don't know if I properly made water go on hand and can't really verify since hand is already wet from earlier. What to do?

  5. when washing feet under tap, sometimes water from palm falls on the feet when washing under tap . Is that considered used water?

  6. Most of these problems came when I read a question in islamweb I think where someone asked if he/she washes full face once and later washes part of it like forehead or chin etc is that right? The answer was that only first one counts where full face was washed... now this is problematic since I don't consider first wash fully washing every bit properly due to waswas... so I have to wash 3 time properly and now it takes a lot more time than before where I was more or less washing face first properly and other 2 times I was focusing more on places of doubt...

If someone can please answer this it will be really helpful.

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