So I already posted a question about 'low faith & struggles' which explains my situation but I was wondering something: sometimes when I get really tired of everything I pray to get my menstruation early so I don’t have to do anything all day. Is that kufr? I’m not saying that I hate praying salah but I have several mental illnesses and sometimes I’m drained so I ask for that but now I’m not sure if I’m allowed to even do it.


I understand your tiredness. Your work is not disbelief. But what is the basis of prayer? To give up daily activities and pray to God. You are supposed to strengthen your peace of mind by praying. So why are you suffering and tired of reading it ?? Who eats a luxury food with torment ?? My suggestion to you is that instead of worrying about whether you have disbelieved in your prayers or not ?? Examine why you suffer instead of enjoying and relaxing from prayer?

In order to enjoy prayer and understand its sweetness, like any other phenomenon, it is necessary to provide grounds and conditions as well as to eliminate problems and obstacles. 1. Increase knowledge of God 2. Increasing knowledge about the place of prayer 3. Observance of etiquette and preparations for prayer 4. Jihad with the soul and avoidance of sin The most important and effective way is to stay away from sin.



Alsalam alikum sister. Kufur in Arabic means to disblive. So kufur is when you disblive in Allah [swt] and his prophet [pbuh] or any of there teaching.

I don't know if what you are doing is a sin and i don't think so but it is not kufur at least because you still belive from ehat i understand that you have to pray and it is one of the Islamic pillers.

Hope that answers you'r question Allah knows best.

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